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Do It Yourself

With a LiveDCam





  • Buy a LiveD Plug 'n Play IP Cam.

  • Brand & Complete your Platform.

  • Your location is LIVE !


      Benefits for you

  • YOU generate revenue for your venue / location by offering the  services to your end customers eg. weddings, events, sports etc.


  • Marketing for your Sites. eg. Construction, Hotels etc..


   LiveD does it All





- Camera & Hardware Supply

- Installation

- Platform Integration

- Commissioning

- Live Streaming Features

- Turnkey Solution

    Benefits for you

  • No Stress

  • 1 Year Extra Warranty.

  • New Revenue for you.

  • We work , You Earn


Partner Program






Become an LiveD partner and enjoy a constant income, VIP support services, use our best value services & earn commission from conversions.


     Benefits for you

  • No investment.

  • No operating costs.

  • New Revenue for you.

  • More u Sell , More u Earn


Wanna Get in touch ?

Email us at, or send us a message via the contact form below and we will be happy to help you!

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